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Déjà Vu
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Children of Passion
Children of the night,
adorned with darkness
in the light of day,
abandoned by humanity,
unnoticed by the multitudes,
scourged with lovelessness,
an abomination to the children of day.
Children of the night,
why do they have a heart?
But for no other reason, to bear sorrow;
but for no other purpose than to know pain.
to be tied to the whipping post,
love running out of their wounds,
to amuse the children of perfection.
Children of the abyss
kissed by the night,
cursed by the day,
unnoticed in the noon day sun,
invisible to the eyes of those who covet;
undesired by the beautiful and the inspired
children of  jaded splendor.
Children of the abuse,
labeled as damaged goods,
are they to be excluded
from affection and love?
To love one, you must be one
to know the deep love that they share;
children of passion.

Paolo Déjà Vu


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