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Déjà Vu
Take The Journey

Crystal Ball Pendulum
For the one with no name
 Intentionally un-punctuated

Rider on the pendulum
Riding its swings
As the pendulum swings
Counting off the moments
of life

Crystal Ball
Attached to the pendulum
It’s the window
Of rider’s eye
Swing to swing

We ride the pendulum
From side to side
To good side
To bad side
Woman and man
Do ride

Look inside
The Crystal Ball
You can see them all
Ride the pendulum
Man inside woman
They ride

Riding the love
Riding the ecstasy
Riding the intimacy
Riding erotic
They ride

Riding the Pendulum
Attached to the heart of them
Riding as one
 they ride

Take a look at the Pendulum
Then take a good look again
Secrets revealed
Mood and mind
Eye to eye

Crystal Ball
Veiled by society
Pathway of
who I am
Generation to eternity
We ride

Riders on the pendulum
Generations of the pendulum
Created on the pendulum
Of love
Women with men
All ride

Look inside
The Crystal Ball
You will see them all
Making love
Woman on man
They ride

Sharing the love
Sharing the ecstasy
Sharing the intimacy
Sharing erotic
They ride.

Moving as Pendulum
Apart then close again
Loving as one
We ride

Paolo Déjà Vu


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