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Déjà Vu
Take The Journey

Dance Of The Acrobat
Intentionally un-punctuated

Making his own
He dances alone
Making his moves
Through the torrents of life
For money
For food
For a place of peace
Through city
Through town
On the road
Dance his feet
Through the beauty
Through the mayhem
With the grace
With the ease
Of an Acrobat

Take a dance
Up the road
With the Acrobat
You’ll be amazed
By the things
You will live
You will see
For you see if you look
That the acrobat
Has been waiting
Long inside of you
Dance with the Acrobat
Within and without you
On the path
Of enlightenment
Take the dance

Making her own
She dances alone
Making her moves
Through the day
Through the night
To love
To bare
To sustain mankind
On the earth
On the river
On life
Dance her feet
Through the nature
Of all emotion
With the bliss
And finesse
Of an acrobat

Yin and Yang
Making love
Are the Acrobats
Generations in generation
By the love
By the dance
For you see if you dance
That the acrobat
Makes us what we are
Dance of the acrobat
Flows from within
Or flows into you
It’s the river of life
Of love
That we share

Take the dance

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