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Forty-Two Days With Ulysses

For My Son Ulysses

So I turned the key to the door once more,
And unlocked the secret me,
setting me free again.
Yes, Freedom!
From the yoke that binds me,
to the blindness life tries to restrict on me.
I open my eyes and again I can see, I, Am, Free!
Set me free,
Yes; Set, Me, Free!
Set me free from me.
Again in my mind’s eye, I can see, free.
Set me free!
Yes, I turned the key that sets me free,
Filtering the information that flows,
That flows in and out of the river of your mind.
You are yours, you are mine,
Yours, your mind,
In your mind
Friends of mind
Friends of  like mind.
Surf the river
Before now and after.
They surf the river together,
Yet they surf the river alone, the river that sets you free,
The water flows it makes me free.
In and out of me,
Set me free.
It set me free,
Free from the limits of me,
The binds of the limits of me,
Living in the free;
Meet with me,
In the free.

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