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Déjà Vu
Take The Journey

Love Karma
Intentionally un-punctuated

Love yourself
You should take the time
To love yourself
You better love yourself
Or no one else
Is going to
Love you

If you take the time to
Love you
It’s going to show
‘shine with the glow
The contentment of
One who’s loved
by you

People will want to
Be loved by you too
If you take the time to
Love you too
Loving the touch
Loved by love

They will get you
When they see you
Loved by love
A breach of civil understanding
For which they are
Surely unprepared

Loved by love
Loved by love again
Loving the love
That they long to share

By love
Astral love
Flows between us
Meditate on the love
Mantra the love
In everything that’s you
Love Karma

Karma Déjà Vu

Paolo Déjà Vu


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