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Déjà Vu
Take The Journey

Intentionally un-punctuated

You got to be smooth
Or you can’t groove

Get the smooth
Groove on you

Surfing the smooth
In all you do

Got that smooth groove going on
Got that smooth groove in you

Dancing the groove
In every move
On the dance floor
Naked in the shower
Dancing in the sheets

Get a grip
Get the moves
Get the flow
Get the grove

Get a ride
On the smooth
The smooth groove
Inside of you

Got it going on

Got it all around

Feeling every step
Feeling ever beat
All in perfect time

Got it in the sound
Moving to the beat
Feeling every spin
Feel it head to feet

Dancing to sound
Of life

Grooving to the beat
Of life

Embracing with the love
Of Life

Engaging the dance
Of life
Together with the peace
Of life

The groove
Of life


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