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Déjà Vu
Take The Journey

To Do Too

For Lillian
(both of them)

 Intentionally un-punctuated for effect

Remembering what you like to do
To do
You have to do too if you want to
Get things moving
To what you love to do
Love to do
You have to love to do!
Do Too
‘talkin' through the darkness
‘talkin' through the light
Do to do

Soon my love
For you
For your dreams
The secret dreams that you long to share
Soon the dreams will be reality

You can’t punish yourself eternally
To be part of no particular thing
Take the time to connect (to something)
Enjoy what you never new
Do Chill
Take the time to impart yourself
To the finer things around you
Find one
Chill yes
Do Chill
Love to chill
When your're chillin’
When you Do
Do chill
Love to chill
 Spoken in a new Language
Love to Love

I don’t know everything but I know enough
The bullet and the toenail taught me so
The bullet never fired and the toenail was ripped off
Taught me respect and understanding
Think of it like finding a door to another you
One that you never knew
A you of you

Yes a you that is deeper and enlightened
Farther than you ever dared to dream
You of you
Clearly you can see you
If you look through you at you
Ability to see through you
Through the things that limit you to you
The inner you
Mantra of you
In it you choose
Who is who of you
Choose you if you dare

Choose you
The unprejudiced you
Set free of self imposed mediocrity
Set free of self deception
Set free of self inflicted ignorance
Free to see
Free to be
you in you.

Paolo Déjà Vu

Paolo Déjà Vu


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