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Déjà Vu
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Zi Shi

Today the rain drops spoke to me,
they fell from the sky kissing my face,
they made a sound before they hit the ground,
the sound they spoke, it was your name.
In my heart I knew it was true,
the same rain drops were kissing you,
gently on your face, softly like my lips long to do,
rain drops telling you of my love for you that will follow them soon,
a love like rain in the spring time that makes the flowers bloom,
flowers that one day I will give to you on a day that our two hearts are one.
Today the wind, it spoke to me,
as its gentile breeze was touching me, all over,
it sang this song as it danced with me,
The song it sang was your name.
In my heart I knew it was true,
the same dancing wind danced with you,
romantically, touching every part of you like my hands long to do.
Wind song telling you of my heart's songs of love for you, before I do,
a love like the summer wind that runs through the rain soaked trees,
trees that one day we will sit under on a day that our two bodies have been one.
Tonight at twilight there was no sound.
Linen bed sheets soothed me as I lay down, completely,
the sound they made caressing me against my skin,
the sound they whispered in my ear was your name.
In my heart I knew it was true,
the linen sheets whisper things to you, into your ears,
passionately, emotions, body and mind, making love with you, as I would do,
a love like the love that conceived you and me, that gives a child a heart beat.
A love that one day will grow and learn to say your name, Zi Shi.

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